Terri S. Lodge

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Director, Nuclear Security

Expertise:   Nuclear Security; Nonproliferation; Iran; North Korea; Arms Control


Terri Lodge is the American Security Project’s Director for Nuclear Security.  She is a Washington-based expert on nuclear issues, including arms control, Iran, North Korea and national security politics.  She has over thirty years of experience working at the center of nuclear security and congressional politics, working to achieve solutions to the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs and reducing the nuclear danger through arms control and nonproliferation agreements.

Ms. Lodge spent twenty years at the State Department working on nuclear issues.  She was the Senior Congressional Advisor for Arms Control and Nonproliferation where she represented the State Department in the Congress on nuclear issues for 14 years.

Early in her career she served as an intelligence officer at State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research working on Iran, North Korea and nuclear issues.   She moved to the private sector to become the Director for Government Affairs for the Ploughshares Fund, one of the largest funders on nuclear issues.  Before moving to the American Security Project Terri returned to the State Department to help Acting Undersecretary Rose Gottemoeller achieve New START Treaty ratification.   Ms. Lodge joined ASP in in January 2012.

She holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from the Elliot School at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Additional Skills and Experience

Ms. Lodge has written analysis, hearing documents and briefing materials for principals at the Department of State.  She has headed interagency efforts on nuclear issues for government for over 15 years. Ms. Lodge has worked to with the Congress on nuclear hat contributed to U.S. national security.

She worked extensively on; the Chemical Weapons Treaty, the Land Mines Protocol, the Nuclear Safety Convention, and European arms control treaties, the START and New START Treaties, Iran sanctions legislation, and the U.S. North Korea Agreed Framework.

Ms. Lodge is a skilled writer and presenter throughout her career and is sought after expert in the nuclear area.


Selected Media Appearances:

NPR: To The Point– Latest Develops regarding Iran

ASP written material includes:

FACT SHEET: American Security Enhanced – The Benefits of the New START Treaty

Fact Sheet – Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

Fact Sheet – Intelligence Assessments of Iran’s Nuclear Program

Critical Nuclear Choices for the Next Administration

Need to Know – Nuclear Weapons, Proliferation and U.S. National Security

Op Eds include:

Terri Lodge: Revising the Outdated, Expensive Nuclear Strategy Can Pay Dividends

Terri Lodge: Confidence building is needed in upcoming P5-1 – Iran talks




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