This paper goes into detail on the next steps the United States should be considering to enhance our national security, secure our access to space, as well as to gain value for money from taxpayers.


As members of the American Security Project prepare to visit Tennessee to discuss the threats of climate change, ASP has published a short document detailing some of the threats that climate change poses to the state.

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America’s long-term strategic advantage and economic security depend on policies that create safe, reliable and affordable satellite launch capabilities. U.S. power cannot be measured in the 21st Century without accounting for the safety and security of our military space access.

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Never before have we seen the level of interdisciplinary security issues that we see today occurring in all corners of the globe. Read more in this edition of ASQ.


A briefing note on climate change and national security. Find out the facts here.


A briefing note on the Ukraine Crisis and the Geopolitics of Energy – click to find out the facts and way forward the United States could take.