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Last year was a busy year for ASP, exploring the issues of climate security, next generation energy and investment, the links between a strong economy and enhanced national security, chemical weapons, as well as the vital U.S. and Egypt strategic relationship.

This reports collects together the top ten blog posts on ASP website in 2013, we hope you find them interesting and useful.

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We all watched with great apprehension the stalemate over the budget, national debt, and the Affordable Care Act these past weeks. The anecdotes of impact were everywhere, from closed national monuments to denied child care. But what was not so prominent in the news was the impact to our reputation and business overseas, and, ultimately, American Competitiveness. Read more about that in this edition of ASQ


This fact sheet briefly presents the definitional, institutional, and legislative history of propaganda as it relates to public diplomacy and the U.S. Government.

academic exchange alumni with John Kerry and Tara Sonenshine

This fact sheet outlines the national security benefits of academic exchange, highlights the types of government sponsored programs, and explores the metrics surrounding these exchanges.

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This report explores several types of public diplomacy aimed towards Iran, and looks into some of the challenges and potential of these programs as part of an overall strategy for addressing U.S. national security interests.


For American public diplomacy, engaging with foreign audiences face-to-face continues to be an invaluable asset for promoting mutual understanding and the values of American culture. The State Department’s American Spaces programs are traditional tools in that effort.