ASP Report on the U.S. India partnership in the Washington Post

posted on October 13, 2012 at 11:59 am

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ASP’s report - India in the Indian Ocean Region : Re-calibrating U.S. Expectations – by Colin Geraghty, was quoted in the Washington Post.

The article noted:

“The U.S.-India strategic partnership came with great hype about India’s potential contribution to U.S. interests,” Colin Geraghty of the American Security Project in Washington said in a report this month, adding that a “sense of disappointment” has set in.

In Washington, analysts and business leaders have expressed disappointment in the past two years over the pace of reform in India, the lack of progress in civil nuclear cooperation and India’s continuing engagement with Iran. While the longer-term logic of the relationship remains firmly intact, there is a growing sense that India will never be a truly trusted ally.

You can read the article here.
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