ASP Senior Fellow Andrew Holland Quoted in Madison Magazine’s November 2012 Issue

posted on November 2, 2012 at 11:01 am

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The Madison Magazine’s Weird Science article examined the current political atmosphere that surrounds science and scientific data. It emphasized the current status quo of politicians seeking to use the truth only in ways that garner them political support and the effect that this is having upon how America views science. As an example, the article used the politically charged issue of climate change. Although climate change and global warming are issues of political contention in America, in scientific circles and elsewhere in the world they are viewed as true and serious concerns. From the article:

Speakers at the recent Association of Opinion Journalists annual conference went so far as to say our distaste for honest discussion of global climate change has become a national security issue.

Andrew Holland, senior fellow for energy and climate at the American Security Project, said while climate change does not cause wars and other crises, it contributes to the underlying problems. He called it an accelerant of instability and unpredictability around the world.

“In order to get beyond the political debate about this, it’s important to start with some facts,” Holland said. “The record is indisputable that the world is warming.”

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