FACT SHEET: Science and America’s National Security

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Scientific innovation bolsters America’s national security. While this sentence is simple, it belittles a long and crucial relationship. Through scientific advancements, the United States government has developed technology and tools that have bettered American lives, spurred economic growth, and strengthened our military. Science and national security have intertwined since the very first days of the American Republic, with both sides driving the other towards greatness.

As of late, this relationship has suffered. Recent data reveals that the United States is losing its edge when it comes to scientific innovation and research and development (R&D).

In order to maintain American competitiveness, to ensure that our military remains modern and effective, and to promote economic growth, the United States needs to take a hard look at the relationship between scientific innovation and America’s national security. This fact sheet presents an overview of this relationship, the data revealing that America is losing its position as a global leader in scientific innovation, and how the greatest future threats to the United States will require scientific solutions.





Fact Sheet – Science and America’s National Security

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