IndUS Business Jounal posts ASP’s report on India and the Indian Ocean Region

posted on October 5, 2012 at 9:56 am

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Colin Geraghty, ASP’s Adjunct Junior Fellow, report on India and the Indian Ocean Region was published in the IndUS Business Jounal.

 After years of “estrangement,” the United States and India have transformed their relationship at a breathtaking pace since 1998, and grown it into a wide-ranging strategic partnership. The speed and scope of these changes initially led to highly positive reviews of India and its potential contributions to American interests by U.S. commentators, gushing with praise for this “natural ally.” Yet more recently, as substantive accomplishments have failed to materialize, criticism has begun in the U.S., directed towards India, accused of not doing enough, of not stepping up to the plate.


You can read the Report on IndUS Business Journal here; or the full report here


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