Measuring Success: Are We Winning? 10 Years in Afghanistan – May 2012 Update

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“As we look toward the Chicago Summit and NATO’s coming decisions about Afghanistan it is important to understand how the war is going. And while some things seem worse than ever, we just don’t have a good idea of whether we are progress toward achieving President Obama’s strategy or not.”

 “We originally published the metrics paper last October, as the war passed its tenth anniversary. Now, with a major NATO summit approaching this month in Chicago, w’ve updated the report to take account of the last six months… none of which bode well.”

“Afghanistan is going to be one of the biggest topics under discussion at the NATO summit in Chicago later this month. As officials debate whether to continue to adhere to the Lisbon goals, set at the end of 2010, it is important to understand how we come to understand the war and how we’re not sure if we’re progressing toward our goals.”


Read the report below of download it from here.
Measuring Success – Are We Winning – 10 Years in Afghanistan -May 2012

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