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 Asymmetric Operations


Asymmetric challenges are those where the different players and components have different interests, resources, and capabilities, but nevertheless interact in complex ways to make policy extremely difficult.

It is only by clearly articulating U.S. interests and goals, and from there building a strategy to achieve them, that we can make smart decisions about the application of American power.

ASP Fellows are major thought leaders on understand, prioritizing, and crafting policies for achieving American interests in difficult, complex parts of the world. Below is a selection of our work on this critical, emerging topic in foreign policy, with more to come.

ASP Fellow Joshua Foust:

ASP Asymmetric Operations Main Page



20 Years After the Fall: The U.S. and Russia in the Post-Soviet World

Ballistic Missiles: A Serious and Growing Threat

US Measure of Success in Afghanistan Is Still Unclear 10 Years Later

Expeditionary Economics: A New Approach to Foreign Aid

“Are We Winning?” 2010 Shows Problematic Developments in the Struggle Against al Qaeda and Associated Movements


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