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In the LA Times this morning, ASP Board Members Sen. Gary Hart and Norman R. Augustine wrote an oped on the Congressional oversight over homeland security issues.

Syria map

What may be the most detailed, publicly available assessment of the ongoing conflict in Syria to date.

Source: Energy 20/20: A Vision for America’s Energy Future

Last year there was organized attack on a Silicon Valley substation, an attack which could have disabled the power supply across large portions of the California Bay area – find out why this was important.


As Egypt tries mightily to settle into a stable democracy, there are still those who desperately want nothing to do with it.

Flags with Crescents and Crosses

Having just returned from a week in Cairo, I can say this – Egyptians, as a whole, are considerably happier now and more anxious to move on then they have been in several years.


Following the first fighting season with Afghan forces in the lead for security nationwide, the future peace and security of Afghanistan relies on a small number of future advisors remaining in-country.